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Community Services - Floriana

Tel: 2123 7935


  1. Outreach/Individual Sessions

Persons who have a drug problem and would like to ask for help may visit the Community Services Caritas Centre at 84 Capuchins’ Street Floriana, where they will find an understanding approach based on advice, support and professional care.


  1. Family Unit

Any family members or significant others who are concerned about a relative, partner or friend abusing drugs may benefit by recieving help from the Family Unit.   Offering confidentiality the staff in the Family Unit will assess, educate and support through individual sessions as well as group work and educational seminars.  This service is offered to all clients’ families throughout the whole rehabilitation programmes. 


  1. Harm Reduction – Drop In

At this centre a drop-in service is also provided by Caritas daily between 1300h and 1700h for homeless drug users who may wish to eat, shower and take shelter from the high risk situations on the streets.


  1. Re-Entry & After Care.

This service offers support and on going rehabilitation to all clients who have completed their programme residential or out-patient.  All clients in these phases are clean and have a place to live and a job.  Individual sessions, relapse prevention groups and family and client meetings are offered on a regular basis.



Harm Reduction - Shelter

Tel: 2149 2440


Homeless persons who have a drug abuse problem may find comfort, shelter and care at this home in Birkirkara.  This shelter offers chaotic drug users the opportunity to become stabilised and either reduce harm and lessen their drug dependency or move on to another residential rehabilitation programme which is aimed at total abstinence.


San Blas Programme

Tel:  2146 2727


Clients participate in a full rehabilitation programme at the San Blas Therapeutic Community, including  residential and semi-residential phases. The bio-psychosocial spiritual approach is aimed at empowering the residents to recieve help in all areas in order to re-enter society.  All clients leaving San Blas Residential Programme have a job, a place to live in as well as on-going support in the Re-Entry and After Care Phases.



Prison Inmates Programme

Tel:  2137 4293


This programme at Bahar iċ-Ċagħaq is dedicated to drug dependent persons serving the last two years of their sentence at the Corradino Corrective Facility (CCF).  This is a full residential rehabilitation programme focuing on the drug and criminal problems of the residents and is scheduled to conclude with the clients’ discharge from CCF.  All residents leave the programme with a job and are offered support in the Re-Entry and After Care Phases.


More information on Caritas website:  www.caritasmalta.org



Tel: 2590  6600

Caritas Malta believes in prevention education and gives the following services:


1.  Focus Programme

Interactive sessions for students in Primary Shools (Year 6) and Secondary Schools (Form  I to III) at State, Church and private schools, aimed at character-building, resistance to negative peer pressure, knowledge of the harmful effects of drugs and other substances, building self esteem, and family relationships.


2.  Week-end seminars

Seminars for students from Forms IV and V with the objective of helping young persons realise they have to be in command of their lives and emerge as leaders.  These residential seminars cover topics such as assertiveness, solving conflicts, communications, relationships, spirituality, harmful effects of different addictions.


3.  Pit Stop Club

Follow-up meetings are organised for persons who have attended week-end seminars to go deeper into the topics dealt with in the seminars.  Other interesting topics and social activities are run during the year.


4.  Parental skills

Caritas organises courses for parents, with special courses for parents with children up to 11 years of age and those whose children are in the 12 to 18-year age group.  These courses train parents in style of parenting, communications, behaviour of children, building self esteem, responsibility, knowledge of dugs and other topics.


5.  Employees Assistance Programme (EAP)

This programme is purposely designed to identify and facilitate solutions to problems associated with employees’ personal and family social problems, such as drugs, alcohol, health, marriage-related and emotial stress.


6.  Talks

Caritas offers the service of professional speakers for talks about substance abuse and other family-related topics.  Requests come from State, private, and Church schools, industries, political parties, local councils and other organisations.


More information on Caritas website:  www.caritasmalta.org




Tel: 2590 660



Caritas Malta gives a counselling service to persons with personal, social, psychological, emotional or psycho-spiritual problems.  Professional psychologists and social workers deal with about 1,500 clients each year. 


Cases range from issues relating to marriage, relations with children, friends and colleagues, sexual orientation, and others.   The hallmark of this service is strict confidentiality.


Support Groups

Tel: 2590 6600

Caritas Malta provides a framework and support to self-help groups. These include the provision of group rooms, reception for referrals, training and supervision when required. The support groups can also make use of other internal services.  Caritas Support Groups include:

RoSe – For widowed and separated persons

Gamblers Anonymous – For persons with addictive gambling

GamAnon – for the families of gamblers

21+ Club – for  lonely youths

Thursday Club – or persons with mental health difficulties

Epilepsy Association – for persons with epilepsy and their families.  An extensive websire is available through  www.caritasmalta.org Support Group pages.

Huntington’s Family

Support Group         – for the families of persons with Huntington’s disease



Other Services


Foundation for Victims of Usury 


 At Caritas, victims of usury may find advice on how to deal with their situation and ease their burdens.



Counselling and advice are provided to persons who are at risk from HIV+/Aids and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


More information on Caritas website:  www.caritasmalta.org




Tel: 2590 660


The Community Outreach Unit, within Caritas Malta aims to create, develop and support Diaconia Commissions in the parishes such that groups involved in the social and charitable field would be united, strengthened and coordinated to correspond to the social problems of their respective parish.



Tel: 2590 660

This Caritas service aims to improve the quality of life of older persons through social clubs in parishes, home visits, inter-generational activities and Aids for Independent Living (ILAC).


More information on Caritas website:  www.caritasmalta.org

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