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Mark Bugeja
(1 post so far)
02/28/2008 12:05am (UTC)[quote]
How to enter new drugs into the drug database:

1. Open the Drug window (from the Support tab, click the Drug button)

2. Click the New Drug button. Type in the name (ignore the codes) and accept. This name would be the name for a group of formulations e.g. Amoxil

3. Open the Formulations tab and click the Add Drug Formulation window. Type in the Drug Formulation name eg. Amoxil 500mg capsule. You can enter default pack size and repeats here (eg. if you normally prescribe a week then enter 21 in the pack size box). You can ignore the Schedule box if you want. Click the One Per Prescription box if you only can prescribe one drug per prescription (eg. for schedule 7 narcotics). The Authority boxes are for those meds that you need to get authority to prescribe. Click Accept and the formulation will be added. You will now be able to search for this formulation when you prescribe a drug. Repeat this process for all the formulations that you will prescribe eg. Amoxil 125mg/5ml, Amoxil 250mg/5ml etc.

4. You should add a Class, Action, and Generic for your added drug (in the relevant tabs) - optional though.



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